Friday, March 27, 2015

Obamacare Purgatory

Obamacare ruined my employers health care plan. Now I have out of state strangers (not from her doctor's office) wanting to quiz my 16 year old daughter about her health care.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Bad Reason to be a Comedian

Some people become comedians as a way to deal with the tragedy of being, because comedy is tragedy plus distance, so they are learning now to add distance. This is a good reason.

For others, like Bill Maher, comedy is a way to smack around people you hate. This is a bad reason.

Sadly, it is possible that Tommy Smothers is like Bill Maher.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Today's Heroes: Martin Rinkart

In the midst of true horrors during the Thirty Years War, Martin Rinkart wrote the following prayer for his children:

Now thank we all our God
With hearts and hands and voices;
Who wondrous things hath done,
In whom this world rejoices.
Who, from our mother's arms,
Hath led us on our way,
With countless gifts of love,
And still is ours today.

See: Martin Rinkart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Was there ever a cop who thought people having more guns would make his job easier?

Ara Rubyan - Was there ever a cop who thought people having more...: "Ara Rubyan hi, I am a police officer in the state of Oklahoma. I support, and am sworn to uphold, the entire United states constitution and it's bill of rights. I have seen first hand situations that left me thinking "if only this person had a defensive firearm" Speaking for myself, I completely support legal gun ownership. I oppose waiting periods, invasive or delayed background checks, and magazine limitations.

Waiting periods and overly invasive background checks convolute the process, making first time buyers and home defense buyers weary of the process thereby discouraging ownership. By discouraging ownership, you discourage the safety of the civilian population.

As stated, I live in Oklahoma. An area of our great country that has a high potential for natural disasters (tornado) Magazine limitations limit people in disaster areas from defending themselves in time of need (see l.a. riots or Katrina) I don't want citizens over run by looters or worse. Reloading is troublesome and problematic in defense situations. I don't like doing it myself My employment doesn't make me special, every citizen should have the right.

I support open and concealed carry. I do them both to defend myself and others. My employment doesn't make me special, every citizen should have the right.

Finally, I support the entire second amendment because I am sworn to. To oppose or violate it would be to violate my oath. To violate my oath would be to violate my integrity. To violate my integrity would be to violate the public trust of which my badge represents."

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mendacity On The Border

The party line is that the border is secure. This propaganda technique is known as the Big Lie. Borderline personalities via Power Line.