Friday, April 17, 2015

Anti-Life Extremists

The Federalist: Meet The Real Abortion Extremists

When you oppose a bill making it murder to kill a fetus without the mother's consent, you just might be anti-life.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Why We Love Socialism But Need To Love Free Democratic Capitalism

Free democratic capitalism is, empirically, the best way to help poor people.

No, that’s not right.

Free democratic capitalism is, empirically, the best macroeconomic way to help poor people.

But families are, empirically, the best microeconomic way to help poor people.

And families are very authoritarian and socialist, not democratic and capitalist.

People have been living in families how long? Since the beginning. But free democratic capitialism is a relatively recent invention. We are wired at a very deep level to understand and love authoritarian and socialist families. Free democratic capitialism? Not so much.

The problem comes when people do the very natural thing, and generalize from the wonderful nurture of their family to the creative destruction of capitalism and well…. Understanding and loving capitalism usually has to be taught. It’s not natural for us, like understanding quantum physics.

This is a failure of the schools.

Liberal policies, governed as they are by political institutions, not free choice, advantage the politically well connected (like middle class people) and disadvantage the politically powerless (like poor people).

The combination of these things explains both the popularity of Democratic policies and their failure.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Is There a True Artifact of the Resurrection

Both Maladministration And Attempting To Subvert The Constitution Are Impeachable

Key graph:

Similarly, the House Judiciary Committee, assessing impeachment in the aftermath of Watergate, noted that to Blackstone, “high misdemeanors” was a constitutional term of art that encompassed “maladministration”—again, an obviously political rather than judicial expression. George Mason had attempted at Philadelphia to make maladministration explicitly impeachable; Madison objected on grounds of vagueness; yet, the Judiciary Committee reports, Mason complained in turn that limiting the device to bribery and treason “would ‘not reach many great and dangerous offences’ including ‘[a]ttempts to subvert the Constitution.” “High crimes and misdemeanors” was the resulting compromise, and it was understood to incorporate such attempts.
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Non-liberal Thought Will Be Supressed

If you are a conservative student, you will be forced to drop the class.

If you are a libertarian writer, you will live in fear that your publisher will find out, and that you will be black balled.

If you are a religious professor, you will live in fear that you will be forced out of the academy. You will live in fear that religious organizations will be persecuted. But you will know how to go forward, based on the history of the church.

Update: If you are a techie in Silicon Valley, you live in fear that you will be ostracized.

Monday, April 06, 2015

How Much Global Warming Is Man-Made?

Profit Margins Average 7.5%

Walmart has a 3.1% profit margin. Kansas / Overland Park gets more than twice that in sales taxes. I have not mentioned property taxes or income taxes or capital gains taxes or all the other numerous taxes paid by Walmart.

Tax and spend is the definition of trickle down.

A Realistic Compromise?

Is ditching affirmative action in exchange for true immigration reform a viable political compromise? Doubtful. Would Obama accept such a compromise? Doesn't sound like something he would accept at all. Could Obama pull it off? No. Obama can't work with Republicans or Democrats - except Valerie Jarrett and MIchelle Obama.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Changing Your Political Spots

Steady As She Goes, People

It's Marriage

Reagan v. Obama in an Honesty Cage Match

Books to Read, Software to Buy

Some Old Links on Islam