Thursday, June 26, 2003

Hollywood Endorses the Shotgun

Sofia Sideshow commented a while back about how a shotgun is Hollywood's weapon of choice when it comes to dealing with monsters. I wonder what Rachel Lucas, Kim du Toit or Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority would have to say about this.

Update: Here is what Keven Baker had to say. He says it well, so go read it. Now I want a Mossberg 590. I thought I'd just get a Long Gun Vault, but it won't fit my Winchester Model 25 or my Ithaca Model 37, neither or which is meant for home defense. The Winchester appears to have a 28 inch barrel! (How do you measure a shotgun barrel?) Here is what Kim du Toit had to say in reply. My underlying thought is that at some deep visceral level, Hollywood gets it. That when confronted by a real monster (which in real life are all men) firepower is a good thing.