Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I Luv KC: BB's Lawnside BBQ

If you want the best blues club in Kansas City, rather than the best all-around music club, you should drop by BB's Lawnside BBQ. I enjoyed it when I visited, but the best recommendation I can give is really that of my friend Bill Rosmus. Bill plays a fine amateur blues guitar himself and is often privileged to jam with St. Louis blues legend Bennie Smith. The recommendation isn't anything Bill says, its just seems that every time he came up for work from St. Louis he stopped by BB's Lawnside BBQ. It was also odd how often it was for the Thursday night open jam session. And how he always brought his guitar. And how the next day he was tired but happy...

As before, send me an email if you are ever in Kansas City and I'll tell you how to get to BB's Lawnside privileged, and if I can swing my schedule we'll enjoy some fine Kansas City ribs.