Monday, July 19, 2004

Political Honesty Exists

It seems Kansas Senator Nick Jordan of Shawnee, during a video-taped debate, accused his primary challenger, Lisa Benlon, of voting for concealed carry in 1999 (which would be good - ed.) when she was a Kansas State Representative. Benlon, who has always opposed concealed carry (which is bad - ed.), was stunned.  Jordan checked the record, discovered he was mistaken, called Benlon and apologized.  He taped a disclaimer, which was added to the videotape.  The debate will be shown on cable later this month.
Nick Jordan was Mrs. Wince's and my Senator when we lived in Shawnee.  He was an elder at Full Faith Church of Love there, which we attended for a time, and took over as senior pastor when the senior pastor ran off with his secretary.  Nick was a dark horse for that spot, but he lead the church through the difficult times which followed until a more experienced pastor took up the reins.  He was a good preacher, too.  Once his tenure there was done, he ran for office.
For the morbidly curious, our former senior pastor repented and has been reunited with his wife.  He went from being the senior pastor of a large church to the assistant pastor of a small one.
It is good to know honest men, including forgiven ones.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Nick is a Republican. Anyone familiar with Johnson County Kansas politics would suspect this. The Democratic party is weak here. I can't remember a local Democratic primary with two candidates.

Via the Kansas City Star, Sunday, July 18, 2004. No link to be found.