Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Democrats Despise! Iraqi Hopes They Minimize!

Well, clearly my slogans need work. You say we are losing? I don't know who this "we" is. Our troops say they are winning the war and are proud of their efforts. I'm not winning or losing the war, I'm working on billing software. If you are losing the war, stop it! (Wink.) If on the other hand, you are saying our troops are losing the war, well, you aren't over there, they are. I trust them. Stop criticizing the people who are fighting and dying. It would be different if they also thought they were losing. Then you could criticize the Administration and say the Administration was losing the war. But since the troops don't agree, I just will not accept that. Here's what I'll accept: You believe the Administration should be winning faster or cheaper or better. But not that "we" are losing.