Sunday, February 22, 2004

Kerry Can't Tell a King From a Five

Saxby Chambliss criticizes John Kerry's voting record by pointing out how soft he is on intelligence funding. In return, Kerry plays the Vietnam card. Sorry, Senator Kerry, your thirty year old Vietnam service as a junior officer doesn't tell us much about either your ability to be President, or what you'll do if elected. (Jefferson and Lincoln never served. Grant was a freakin' General for goodness sake.) I'd say that card is a five. Your voting record, OTOH, gives us a much better idea what you'll do if elected. I'd say its a King. Sponsoring a bill in the Senate to triple intelligence funding and getting it passed would be an Ace. Try to play the right cards.

I wanna play Poker with this guy.

Via Rosemary at Dean's World.

Update: Ara defends Kerry. More from Oxblog.