Thursday, May 27, 2004

Al Gore's Tirade: Unwise, Unwarranted and Untrue

I just heard the outtakes from Gore's tirade on Alan Colmes radio show. It was unwise, unwarranted and untrue for Al Gore to call Bush the most dishonest man since Richard Nixon. Clearly Al cannot tell the difference between a lie and a mistake which Al and his old boss Bill also made. Al also cannot tell the difference between a lie and a difference of opinion. The dishonor comments, the 'how dare he' comments, the incompetent comments and the resignation roll call were just as unwise, unwarranted and untrue.

These comments would have been unwise, unwarranted and untrue if Gore made them at home to a small group of friends. It was positively wrong for the former Vice President to say them as he did.

Kerry should kick Gore out of the Democratic Party. Update: The previous sentence was also unwise, unwarranted and untrue. What I'm trying to say is that Kerry should tell Gore he isn't helping. This rhetoric will drive moderate voters away from Kerry.

It also poisons the well. I object to Gore calling me dishonest, incompetent and dishonorable. What, you say, Gore didn't mention you at all! Well, I agree with the President. I believe the strategy he promoted was correct as were his reasons for it, and I believed this before we went to war. So Gore is calling me either dishonest or incompetent or both.

Similarly, Gore has called me dishonorable. As good as our soldiers are, there have always been bad apples who have done horrible things. We executed 500 soldiers during WWII (the Good War) for their crimes. Since I advocated war, I was advocating that we put our soldiers in a position to dishonor our country, knowing that the chances they would do so were very good.

Like many people (including some on my side), Gore thinks there are no consequences for making these kinds of accusations. Well, there are. When a Democrat proposes a reasonable compromise I will think of this speech. I will think of all the compromises Bush made on education, taxes, the environment and the war. I will think of all the effort he made at the UN. I will think of the spending for the No Child Left Behind Act, which Ted Kennedy helped author. And I will think, "Why compromise? Al Gore will still call me a dishonest, ignorant, dishonorable, incompetent jerk."

John Kerry needs to tell Al Gore, "Pipe down. You aren't helping now and certainly aren't helping me after the election."

Here's a helpful summary: Gore's tirade was bad for him, bad for Kerry, bad for the Democratic Party and bad for the country.

Here is the Fox article on the Speech.

Here is the text of the speech. End Update.

Give 'em hell, George.