Friday, May 07, 2004

The Smell Of Cordite And Perfume

Wednesday was ladies night (female members shoot free) at the Bullet Hole. I took the afternoon off, and my mother-in-law (whom we care for) was at her Wednesday group, so we went shooting together for the first time. Hooray. It was very nice to shoot with Mrs. Wince, but we did have some gun trouble. Mrs. Wince did not like the trigger pull on the H & R .22LR and she tended to shoot high. She tried the Markarov (9 x 18) and found it too loud and the larger caliber makes her nervous, so it looks like it's .22LR for her for a while.

The H & R .22LR is proving unreliable. About two to three rounds in every nine round cylinder do not fire, although they often work on the second try. I think that the firing pin is not striking the rim hard enough. I am also unhappy with the large groups I'm getting. I would rather have a Smith and Wesson 617, but they are so expensive. Charter Arms makes a cheaper .22LR revolver, but I think I should save up for the Smith. The Chancellor of the Exchequer (Mrs. Wince) is not enthused about that idea. I may take the H & R to a gunsmith and see what he can do. Rentals are only $5 at the Bullet Hole, so we may try some of their .22LR revolvers instead. They shoot pretty well. The only problem I've ever had with one was fixed by a little cleaning.