Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Maybe He'd Only Mess Up Domestically

Hurrah! Maybe I don't have to worry that Kerry will completely screw up. John Kerry shows his inner warrior.
I will wage this war relentlessly with a single-minded determination: to capture or kill the terrorists, crush their movement and free the world from fear.
And he's embraced Bush's grand strategy, too.
Sixth, we will promote the development of free and democratic societies throughout the Arab and Muslim world. Millions of people there share our values of human rights, and our hopes for a better life for the next generation. They are facing their own struggle at home against the forces of fanaticism and militancy. They are our natural allies. Their lost trust in our intentions must be restored. We must reach out to them and yes we must always promote democracy. I will be clear with repressive governments in the region that we expect to see them change – not just for our sake but for their own survival.
Now I just have to read (not skim) the rest of the speech to make sure he won't completely screw up Iraq.