Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Holy Katz!

Joe Katz says I'm deluded for taking comfort in Kerry's debate performance. He says John Kerry is an appeasing dove. Look at this analysis of Kerry on Iran:
Kerry's positions on issues like Iran are clear, and were openly stated in the debate: normalize relations with the world's #1 terrorist sponsors while they undermine Iraq & Afghanistan, offer them nuclear fuel, propose sanctions the Europeans will drag their feet on in order to stop a late-stage nuclear program that's impervious to sanctions anyway, and oppose both missile defense and the nuclear bunker-buster weapons that would give the USA defensive or offensive options in a crisis.
I'm Wince, and I'm wincing now. That looks like a strategy which will only succeed because Bush gave Israel 5000 precision guided weapons before the election. Thank God. Kerry will force Israel to attack Iran. I am not enthused about using Israel to wash the world's dirty laundry. I'd rather see American elbow grease applied to this problem. Take some responsibility, Senator!