Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Swift Vets Smear Kerry

John Dean and The Daily Howler show pure smear in chapter four of Unfit for Command.

O'Neill and Corsi stoop to calling Kerry a baby killer, when by their own evidence he was no such thing.

Stick a fork in the Swift Vets. I won't tolerate that kind of behavior.

Update: More discussion at Dean's World. I failed to give credit to shep over at Rosemary's place for the John Dean article. He and I have been going at this hammer and tongs there, and at Ara's place. I don't like John Kerry calling all our vets war criminals, and I don't like some of our vets calling John Kerry a baby killer. The ends (getting out of Vietnam / preventing a bad Presidency) do not justify the means. (Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore, Ann Coulter, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy and Al Gore, take notes. And no I can't think of Republican equivalents to Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy and Al Gore, because I wasn't paying this much attention during Clinton's gig, and I really don't remember hearing any Republicans behave that badly this election cycle. Maybe Mark Adams or Bill Underwood will drop by and remind me. I'd appreciate it. It would round out this little rant nicely.)