Monday, July 29, 2013

Of Interest 2013-07-29 (Mendacity for Power VII)

The Republican Party is, properly as a political party, all about power. It doesn't mean it has to be dishonest about it.  You can't claim to be all about the Constitution and color-blind politics if you collude with racist leftists to heard black voters into gerrymandered districts to create safe black (leftist Democratic) seats, scratching your own itch to create safe Republican seats. Well, you could, but then how do you explain that you have made the House less accountable to the voters (contra the Founders) and that gerrymandering districts by color is rather the opposite of color blind.

Can you say mendacity for power? I knew you could. Thanks for dividing the country by empowering racists. Thanks for crippling the ability of the Republican bench to attract black votes by carefully separating them from so many potential black constituents. And thanks for sacrificing principles which benefit the powerless many in order benefit the powerful few.