Friday, November 26, 2004

No Shiny This Year

I won't be shopping at The Shiny anymore. Too bad, it's been my favorite place to shop for Christmas for years. Target has kicked out the Salvation Army. Next year they are removing all references to Santa Claus. And the following year they will substitute the words "Winter Holiday" for Christmas in all company memoranda, email and sales flyers. No Christmas decorations featuring Christian motifs will be allowed.

Only Scrooge will shop at Target anymore.

Radical Secularism?

Articles like these give Christians like me the heebee jeebees. People claim that they just want to keep prayer out of the schools, but then they take God out of history. It is wrong to fail to mention that the original and all subsequent declarations of Thanksgiving were feasts of Thanksgiving to God. Amazingly, not only does the Maryland public school curriculum fail to mention that Thanksgiving was given to God, they also fail to explain that Puritans were believers.

This staggers the imagination. To mention Puritans without mentioning God is like mentioning fish without ever referencing water.

In California a teacher has been forbidden to quote the Declaration of Independence because it mentions God. This article gives additional detail, including the this important note: It all started with a parent's complaints after the teacher responded to a student's question about "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

And so I argue for school choice.

Via Dean Esmay.