Friday, June 10, 2016

Email to Speaker Ryan

Speaker Ryan,

I am very distressed by your comments about Trump and the judge. You mischaracterized his comments and slandered him. This is why I don't think you have my back as a Republican. I was not a Trump supporter at any time during the primaries. First Walker, then Jindal, then Cruz. But from everything I can tell you will happily characterize my positions, my beliefs, my (possibly incorrect) facts in support of my beliefs and my word choices as racist, right before you tag me as a racist. This must be some sort of horrible allegiance to extreme bipartisan virtue on your part. I would like you to have the sort of bipartisan virtue which begins with partisan virtue first.

Just say you disagree. I can handle you disagreeing. For example, you are, out of your humanitarian convictions, very pro-immigration. I get that. I am pro-immigrant, but I am in favor of decreased immigration. The first people who suffer when we have too much immigration are recent immigrants. Maybe this is because I work with lots of immigrants and you don't. For a while, of the eight cubes around mine, seven had immigrants sitting in them. (Now they are mostly empty - don't worry, it's a restack, not a layoff.) These people are great to work with and alot of fun to be around.

Soon, I am told, 25% of our population will be immigrants or their children. That might be too many. For one thing, I have noticed that immigrants tend to bring their friends and relatives. If half of that 25% bring a friend or a relative, we are up to 33%! This puts a great strain on our ability to make Americans out of our new neighbors, which we need to do to build trust and unity. My co-workers are, in many ways, eager to learn how to be American, but in other ways they tend to stick to their own (just like my Italian, Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors, and well ... me). When they are too numerous, segregation is too easy.

There are many other reasons why America, Americans, and new immigrants might benefit from less immigration.

In any event, please allow Trump to point out that a liberal judge might be biased by his liberal politics, including his liberal racial politics. We all know that actually happens.

This article is very good on the subject:

Tom DeGisi
Former Democrat Voter as of 2004