Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's Time To Stand Strong For Israel

American policy must be an utter condemnation of Turkey's support of Hamas and Hebollah. The Turks are peddling vicious anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda at home. Their news reports that our soldiers clogged the Euphrates with Iraqi bodies and that Americans and Jews conspired to sell Iraqi organs. Mein Kampf is a best seller.

America must move our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. We must move carriers into the Eastern Mediterranean. We must pledge to enforce the blockade ourselves, including sinking any Turkish warships which attempt to defend another flotilla. We must demand that Turkey pay a 200 million dollar indemnity to Israel for their support of terrorists. If the Turks don’t agree (and it is OK to negotiate the amount down to half that) we must demand they be kicked out of NATO. If they are not, we must leave NATO ourselves.

The Turks are showing every sign of becoming genocidal once more – to which I say “Never again”.

A firm hand will prevent much bloodshed – including Turkish blood. As our good allies during the Cold War, they deserve firmness to save their own lives.