Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Mary Katharine Ham points out that women have a right to defend themselves. I have a wife and three daughters. I agree.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Problem Is Bigotry

I think perhaps we need to recast some this opprobrium towards Muslims in a different mold. The analogy I wish to draw is between rampant bigotry among Muslims towards Christian and Jewish minorities living in their midst and rampant bigotry not so long ago among white Americans towards black American minorities in living in their midst.

The rampant bigotry among Muslims even leads to uppity Christians being lynched.

In this light, Muslims who justify their bigotry and their behavior by referring to the Koran are no different than white Christian who abused the Bible in the same way.

So - all those Muslims who responded to the Pope with violent protests? Miserable bigots, the lot of them. Do you fight bigotry by moderating your criticism of it?

There were plenty of white Americans who did little but quietly say to their kids, "We don't act like that." There were plenty of white American leaders who did nothing effective to fight bigotry for decades after the Civil War.

Take a deep breath here and consider this historical parallel. Change could be a long time coming.

Inspiration from Dean's World and Meryl Yourish.