Sunday, June 20, 2004

FOX News, Unlike The Evil Queen, Really Is the Fairest In The Land

A recent study by a couple of guys from Yale concluded that Fox actually was the most fair and balanced.

I like Fox because it manages to pick liberals who have a sense of humor, who clearly like conservatives even though they also clearly disagree with them and who aren't insulting or condescending. (Note to Ara Rubyan: Send resume and video clip to Fox.) Makes me remember why I like liberals.

It's really odd. I watch Fox and I like their liberals. I listen to the BBC or NPR and I don't like theirs. If you are liberal you should be glad I watch Fox, 'cause they make you look good.

Update: I am not referring to the Queen of All Evil. I am referring to Snow White's step-mother.

Via Steve Verdon and Steve Antler.