Sunday, June 06, 2004

PBS Honors Our D-Day Heroes

I am in awe of the sacrifices the Greatest Generation made during WWII. One of the great things about D-Day was the way PBS honored those men. We saw most of D-Day: Down to Earth - Return of the 507th. The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment fought at D-Day, at the Battle of the Bulge and in Operation Varsity. In Normandy, the regiment, which started with 2100 men, lost 1300 men. In Operation Varsity, one of its soldiers won the Medal of Honor.
It was during this operation that Pfc George J Peters of the 507th won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Pfc Peters and a group of 10 other troopers landed in an open field near the town of Fluren. Raked by enemy machine gun fire the troopers laid there helplessly. Peters, armed with only his rifle and a few grenades took it upon himself to charge the German machine gun nest. After receiving several wounds and bleeding profusely Peters crawled to within 15 feet of the gun enplacement and pitched two grenades into the enemy stronghold. The ensuing explosion silenced the machine gun and its crew.
Remember these men and their sacrifices.