Sunday, June 20, 2004

What We Face

I haven't linked Francis Porretto recently, though he still deserves it. Check out this creepy list:
  • It orders its adherents to spread the creed by force, and to compel all non-believers to submit to it as second-class citizens.

  • It demands that any heresy, apostasy, or blasphemy against it be punished by death.

  • It demands total political power over the entire world, and explicitly denies the legitimacy of any political structure based on any principles other than its own.

  • It prescribes a minutely elaborate code of behavior for all men, not just for its adherents, which is to be enforced by political means.

  • It sanctifies any deed, however violent or deceitful, done to spread its hegemony over the world, and promises great glory to those who die doing such service.

  • It particularly excoriates the Jews as its enemies, and prescribes their elimination from the face of the Earth.
Then go and read Getting Away With It.