Monday, July 25, 2011

Let's all ask the President to resign!

Contact the President at :​act/
Contact the Vice President at :​act-vp/
Contact the Speaker at:​/

Apparently the Senate Majority Leader only wants to hear from Nevada.
Here is what I wrote to President Obama and copied the Vice President and the Speaker:

Dear Mr. President,

Please tender your resignation at once. You should have accepted the deal the House and Senate leadership produced yesterday. This is the last straw. There is no way that the Vice President can do worse than you are doing. It's true that you have to deal with the collapse of a 150 year old domestic political method going back to Bismarck. It's hard for the captain to deal with a sinking ship that he thought could never sink. Yet you will not work, unlike the Vice President. You are always and only talk, talk, talk. The Vice President likes to talk, but he is at least talk, talk, work, sometimes, talk, work, talk and every so often work, talk, talk. You alternate between petulant whining and angry, irresponsible demagoguery. When the Vice President whines you can't tell because he is smiling and upbeat, and his irresponsible demagoguery is of the happy warrior type. He frequently speaks responsibly. You only speak responsibly when you are trying to simulate a responsible adult. Real responsible adults don’t constantly whine. Real responsible adults don’t constantly engage in angry, irresponsible demagoguery. And real adults do the work.

This is especially distressing because you claim to understand the Constitution. The Executive Branch is supposed to produce concrete plans rapidly. This is it's virtue. You almost never produce concrete plans, with your surge in Afghanistan being the notable exception. That one practically had to be beaten out of you. Right now the House produces concrete plans faster than the Executive Branch. Even the Senate, which is supposed to be the deliberative branch, seems to be working faster than you are.

Clearly you were built for the Senate, where deliberate, deliberate, deliberate works fine. Please beat the Peter Principle and resign.

Thomas L. DeGisi