Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Jobs Plea To Our Politicians And Pundits

I saw a comment of Facebook from someone who was frustrated with the Republican House for catering to the wealthy instead of working to create jobs, like they promised. I understand his frustration. This Republican has the same reaction to Obama and the Senate.  The worst thing though is that they never want to try anything that I think will work. I'm sure they think the things I want to try won't work either. I bet he shares my frustration except from the other side.

Here is something, though difficult, that both sides should be able to get behind.

What I would like from politicians and pundits is for them to embrace better government - and I mean hug it really passionately! I know some want to regulate business like crazy. OK. Fine. If our government confined itself to regulations which were effective and efficient, instead of so many regulations which were horribly ineffective and horribly inefficient but reasonably popular, the job market would improve dramatically.

You can see why this is hard by noticing the phrase "reasonably popular". Why should a politician or pundit do the hard work to make things effective and efficient while fighting the upstream battle against a popular policy?

I wish people would start beating this drum very loudly in a way that brings Republicans, Independents and Democrats to the better government side. This is me pounding on the drum.

This is the Facebook comment that started me thinking.