Friday, February 21, 2014

Truman beats Schlesinger plus Galbraith Any Day

And twice on Tuesdays: The failure of Obama's aristocracy of merit

Three key paragraphs:
He recounts the derision of historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., and economist John Kenneth Galbraith — Cambridge neighbors after the war — for Harry Truman, the onetime haberdasher and member of veterans' groups and service clubs.
They failed to note that Truman was a serious reader of history and had, in supposedly backward Independence, Mo., studied piano under a teacher who had studied under Ignacy Paderewski.
The supposedly mindless 1950s, Siegel recalls, were actually a time of elevated culture, with thousands of Great Books discussion groups across the nation and high TV ratings for programs like Shakespeare’s Richard III, staring Laurence Olivier.
As they say, read the whole thing. Also, 99 and 44 / 100ths percent of H.L. Menken is crap, including his comment that 90 percent of everything is crap.

Hat tip, Ed Driscoll, Kirsten Powers Meets Krauthammer’s Law.

Update: It was Ted Sturgeon's comment that 90 percent of everything is crap, not H.L. Menken's comment. It still sounds like something Menken would say, though.