Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let's Not Pretend Our Politicians Are Better Than Theirs

I saw a comment of Facebook from someone who was frustrated with the Republican House for catering to the wealthy instead of working to create jobs, like they promised. I understand his frustration. This Republican has the same reaction to Obama and the Senate.

I actually think the Democrats cater to the wealthy - especially the super wealthy - slightly more than the Republicans do. Every incentive in D.C. encourages politicians to cater to the wealthy, and since Democrats like big government, catering to the wealthy is slightly easier for them. For Republicans to do the same they have to betray or ignore their base. I'm sure most of them are just ignoring us, thinking they know best. I would like to point out to them that it feels like betrayal to us, so maybe they should try harder to know best less and listen to us more. This also is why Democratic politicians actually get more money and support from really big donors.  The bigger government is, the more it benefits big business. Medium and small sized businesses benefit more from smaller government.

I know how both Democratic and Republican politicians behave and why they do so. It's pretty much the same, and it's because of the incentives. When Party A politicians behave worse than Party B politicians in a particular case, its because differences in the incentives can impact the parties differently.

This is the Facebook comment that started me thinking.