Sunday, February 16, 2014

Come On Pacifists, Let's Save Some Kids!

I respect conscientious objectors and pacifists, however, for example, I want teachers who are willing to kill to protect my children, not teachers who are willing to die to protect my children. I'm going with George S. Patton on this, and also with people who have thought about the tactical options available to teachers. I want teachers to have every tool at their disposal. Many of these tools are not violent like ... good locks on strong doors! The thing is for some reason people who are willing to kill also seem to be better at thinking of ways not to kill - including cheap easy ways not to kill - like rubber doorstops for teachers whose unlockable door opens inward. So I guess this is a challenge to you pacifists out there - think hard about good tactics and then spread the news. I'll share your tips (along with some that are much less pacifistic, I admit).

This is the Facebook post that started me off