Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thought of the Day: Learn How to Recognize a Jew-Hater

Three months have passed since Helen Thomas died, so now it's safe to speak ill of her, I think.  Helen Thomas was an ignorant, vicious, spiteful, Jew-Hater.    Thomas was a typical Jew-Hater of the massive Jewish conspiracy which runs the world variety.  That's poisonous.  That's vicious.  That's illiberal.  That's bigoted.  That's racist. That's anti-progressive.  That's anti-Democratic.  Need I say more?

In her defense, she was of Arab ancestry, so you could say she has the same reason to hate Jews as the English had to hate the French - there is no tribe so hated as as a closely related neighbor.  But Helen was born here and claimed herself not an Arab-American,  but an American, period.  In America we don't go for Jew-Hating.  It's  ... un-American.

Rest in peace, Helen Thomas.  I hope you are learning to love the Jews and Israel.  As for those of you who admire her - learn how to recognize a Jew-Hater.  Here's a hint - there were a group of socialists who hated Jews as much as Thomas.  They called themselves Nazis.