Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Comment Tracker

Here are posts where I'm watching the comments:

Jan 28 - The Peoria Pundit: Out of his arse - Bill Dennis advocates objective journalism rather than Jeff Jarvis's favorite, which is journalism by agenda.
Jan 27 - The Smallest Minority: Something I've Thought About as Well - Can we still vote with our feet? Are we free to speak our minds because no one is listening?
Jan 27 - Dean's World: Doggerel Trivia - Who chose whom? God or the Jews.
Jan 27 - Dean's World: About Jews - Jewish histories, recommended.
Jan 26 - Dean's World: Fixing the Homeless Problem - Cincinnati tries something positive.
Jan 26 - E Pluribus Unum: Inspector Calls US Iraq Intelligence a Failure - Ara complains even though Clinton believed, only Bush went to war. A war Ara says he supports. Maybe Ara just enjoys the position of Devil's Advocate. I do.
Jan 22 - E Pluribus Unum: Two more soldiers were killed in Iraq on Thursday - Ara complains that our coalition partners aren't providing enough casualties.
Jan 20 - E Pluribus Unum: Bob Dole, President of Iowa - Ara and I both are worried that Howard Dean might be like Bob Dole.
Jan 20 - E Pluribus Unum: "Fringe-baiting" (in hindsight) - Boy it's hard to keep ones crazy supporters in line.
Jan 17 - E Pluribus Unum: Re: Pickering -- Is POTUS tone-deaf or just arrogant? - Pickering is a racist. No he's not, Robert Byrd is a racist. No he's not, Republicans are racists. No, they aren't Democrats are racist. Then everyone calms down.

Dead Threads, But On My To Do List:
Jan 20 - Dean's World: Crybaby Christians
Jan 10 - E Pluribus Unum: "Annoy the media. Swing the bat."
Jan 07 - Wince and Nod: A Blogger Needs Advice
Jan 06 - Tao of Dowingba: A perfect example

Dead Threads:
Jan 11 - Wince and Nod: Is The Technological Singularity Upon Us?
Jan 11 - Tao of Dowingba: Kansas wants to send smokers to Oz
Jan 10 - Wince and Nod: Crusin' For A Brusin'
Jan 09 - Dean's World: Explain This to Me (Rosemary)
Jan 09 - Tao of Dowingba: Conservation
Jan 08 - Wince and Nod: Police Trainee Shoots Self In Leg
Jan 08 - The Smallest Minority: Our Jan Collapsing Schools Dept. - This Will Make You Think...
08 - E Pluribus Unum: Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper
Jan 08 - Tao of Dowingba: Dowingbalanche
Jan 06 - Dean's World: Thesis
Jan 06 - Tao of Dowingba: Karl's rap sheet
Jan 02 - Hell In A Handbasket: WORDS OF WISDOM
Jan 02 - Winds of Change: "Mad Max" in Iraq
Dec 30 - Crooked Timber: All the nice boys love a cowboy
Dec 30 - Francis W. Porretto: Not Because It's True
24 Dec - The Smallest Minority: The Exchange Continues
24 Dec - psychobabble: The Right to Bear Arms II
23 Dec - Hell In A Handbasket: AT LEAST THE BLOG IS APTLY NAMED
23 Dec - Dean's World: Credit Where It's Due
22 Dec - Dean's World: Best Idea Yet...(Rosemary)
22 Dec - Transterrestrial Musings: We Play Right Into Their Hands
21 Dec - Dean's World: Security
21 Dec - It's Craptastic!: Orange...
20 Dec - Michael Williams -- Master of None: Hoplophobia
20 Dec - psychobabble: The Right to Bear Arms
19 Dec - Lean Left: Barry on Concealed Carry
18 Dec - The Smallest Minority: UPDATE: The Hoplophobe Responds
18 Dec - Inn of the Last Home: Vilification and Clarification
18 Dec - Dean's World: Enviro-Vilification
17 Dec - Dean's World: Stomping More Stupidity
17 Dec - Ara Rubyan: How Dean Could Win . . . (Part Deux)
17 Dec - Dean's World: ... But By The Content of Their Ideas
16 Dec - Tao of Dowingba: Card on the Issues
16 Dec - Tao of Dowingba: Another Canada vs USA post
14 Dec - The Smallest Minority: The Hoplophobic Mindset
13 Dec - Michael Williams -- Master of None: An Open Letter to Hawthorne Police Chief Stephen Port
13 Dec - Tao of Dowingba: Better understanding the bidding issue
12 Dec - It's Craptastic!: A call to the Right...
08 Dec - It's Craptastic!: What is the point?
05 Dec - a visitor: The US National Rifle Association's "hit list"
20 Nov - Ravenwood: Tobacco-wackos are becoming violent