Saturday, January 10, 2004

My Vote In The New Weblog Showcase - Week Ending Jan 11

Robert Holcomb at Go Dubya! complains about Neal Starkman calling me (among others) stupid in You're Stupid.

American Footprint explains why I might prefer free-range chicken in What’s grosser than gross?. Next they can explain how to get my frugal wife to pay more for it. She takes a 'cheap chicken or vegetarian' stance. I am a carnivore.

Go look at Celebrating the Third World in Pictures, which isn't a post, it's a photo log. But the photos are beautiful. I particularly like the houseboats.

Sleep Not Work gives us the alternate theory why advertising always tries to be so hip in Cool Customers: Part 2 on The Greater Nomadic Council.

The post December 17th, 2003 is almost the title track on December 17th. It is the story of a heart attack from the man who survived it.

We have a really great set of entries this week. The last two I linked above, which are in the non-political category, are top notch pieces of writing.