Saturday, January 10, 2004

Evil Anti-Smokers Loose In Kansas

Lawrence, the Berkeley of Kansas, has been infested with anti-smokers. I have friends who smoke. Keep your second-hand smoke pseudo science and your complete misunderstanding of miniscule risks away from the laws in my state! If you are really that afraid of tobacco smoke, go cower in your abode and leave my friends and the businesses who choose to serve them alone. Or, if you really feel you must 'make a difference', use the comment card, not the ham-fisted power of government, which flows from the barrel of a gun!

We have a wonderful market-based system in this country. When you patronize a business that allows smoking, fill out a comment card complaining about it and talk politely to the manager. (Smokers and those of us who are tolerant may use the same methods in businesses which don't allow smoking.) Believe me, if enough customers complain, some businesses will ban smoking and others will allow it. This will allow smokers and those of us who are actually tolerant to patronize businesses which allow smoking. Those of us who are intolerant and like to complain about people having disgusting and unhealthy habits can patronize the non-smoking businesses.