Monday, January 12, 2004

Welcome To Carry Nation's Home State

I'm sorry to say that Kansas was the home state of Carrie Nation, the Prohibitionist with an ax. Even though she didn't have the vote, her power (which usually featured an iron head and an ash handle) along with those of other strong women eventually led to a dramatic and very unfortunate change to the Constitution. These days, with the mockery that the President, Congress and the Courts have made of the interstate commerce clause, I'm not sure an amendment would be needed for the Feds to outlaw liquor.

She has also had a lasting effect on Kansas, which is still has dry counties and bizarre liquor laws. Recently a judge ruled that the state prohibition on liquor stores being open on Sundays and holidays was so poorly phrased that cities and counties could actually opt out of the prohibition. So now in little newspapers like the Shawnee Journal Herald you may expect to find little gems like the last paragraph in this city government wrap up.