Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Blog Review: IMAO

Since today is Frank's blogiversary at IMAO, this review allows me to avoid the wrath of Frank as well as recommend a superbly funny blog. Frank's style reminds me of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett. Being a blog, of course, his stuff is much shorter. (Bill Whittle, as Frank is fond of pointing out, is attempting to overcome this law of blogdom.) If you have never visited Frank's blog I particularly recommend the In My World series, featuring a wicked Laura Bush, a fine Donald Rumsfeld, Buck the Marine and Chomps, the World's Angriest Dog. Click on the link, pause to enjoy the excellent tag line at the top, then read from the bottom up. (Hey Frank, could you provide a button to reverse the order for new readers?) I'm not sure why Frank doesn't like monkeys, but I won't hold it against him. Frank also spends a lot of time flogging his Nuke the Moon t-shirt. Myself, I am waiting for Photoshopped photographic evidence that it is bulletproof before I purchase one. I am also hoping to eventually be well-known enough for him to tell filthy lies about me. See Rachel Lucas's comments also.