Wednesday, July 16, 2003

My Votes, And Another Shameless Plea

Here are my votes for the Microbes on Parade, The New Weblog Showcase. I reserve the right to change my votes if there are any stunning late entries:

Passenger Pachyderms: The News on Tape
The Poison Kitchen: Now It Can Be Told: Saddam's Secret Weapons
American Digest: The Sunday New York Times Lite
The Usurer: For want of a fly-swat
Howard Lovy's NanoBot: The Hulk, Prince Charles and other scary things
One Little Victory: The Killing Urge

If you haven't voted, and want to vote for my post, make sure your blog is entered in The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem. If not, click here and fill out the form. Next add a link in your blog to my post, using this URL: