Monday, July 21, 2003

More Comment Difficulties

Update: Mike's problems have been resolved.

It looks like Mike at Interested Participant is also having comment problems. Too bad, since I commented on about half his posts. Good luck, Mike. HaloScan is working for me. Here were the posts I commented on, if memory serves:

New Weblog Showcase
Inmate Wants Sex Change & Transfer to Women's Prison
Rating Charitable Organizations
The Angry, Angry Left
French Government Bans "Email"
Hey! You Stink!

Clearly an interresting site, so I'm blogrolling it. Too bad the comments are missing. I thought I wrote some great stuff about the sex-change. It looks like his perma-links aren't working perfectly either. They put me below the entry I wanted. I would blame Blogger, but the last time I did that it was my fault.