Tuesday, July 29, 2003

So Government Sanctioned Professionals Can Screw Up Our Kids Sooner

Universal government run preschools is a horrible idea. From the article:
OTTUMWA, Iowa (AP) - Rep. Dennis Kucinich called for a $60 billion effort to provide universal preschool and proposed paying for the plan with a 15 percent cut in Pentagon spending.
"I intend to put forward a plan for universal pre-kindergarten, a day care program that would provide quality day care five days a week, year-round," he said.
Taking a cue from Pat Robertson, I am now praying that Rep. Kucinich will undergo a dramatic religious experience and decide to take up missionary work in Botswana. It's a nice country, he'll be happy there.

Update: Interested-Participant points out that this plan (scroll UP to see his post) would effectively nationalize the day care and preschool education industries.