Friday, July 25, 2003

Neo-MaCarthyite (Hesiod's Spelling) My Ass

Hesoid calls Steven Den Beste a neo-MaCarthyite in response to this post, which was critical of this Hesiod offering. Steven Den Beste is calm, thoughtful, reasonable and frequently right. He is the Spock of blogdom, an engineer by trade, who deals in facts as successful engineers must. I have never seen anything to suggest Steven would engage in a "witchhunt". Senator Joe McCarthy was bombastic, outspoken, hectoring and frequently right. (There really were lots of Communist spys with high rank in the US government.) He was a lawyer, a judge and a successful politician. He dealt in rhetoric, as successful lawyers and politicians must. He also had a truly tyrannical habit of abusing his position, particularly in the matter of subpeonas.

Come on, Hesoid, you are saying white is black. Nothing about Den Beste resembles McCarthy, and nothing about his treatment of you is like McCarthy. Your style of rhetoric is much more like McCarthy's than Steven's. Actually you are much more vitrolic than McCarthy if this famous speech is representative of his style. But I have no reason to believe that you would abuse a position of power as McCarthy did, and you have no reason to believe Steven Den Beste would either.

When I read your original post (without the later updates) I must conclude that you aren't happy that the Hussein brothers are dead and that your only reaction is that this must be a plot by the administration. Funny, that is exactly the reaction Steven had. Only your later updates make it clear that you are glad those monsters are dead. (Good for you.) I challenge anyone to read your original post and come to a different conclusion.