Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Why I Read Joe Posnanski

I read Joe Posnanski for at least these six reasons.

1) His stories are uplifting.
2) He writes well.
3) He writes about Kansas City sports. Rick O'Reilly does #1 and #2 but almost never #3.
4) I can tell my wife that she will like one of his columns and she does, even though she doesn't care about the sport or team it is about.
5) He is prolific.
6) He has a daughter, and she is the apple of his eye.

Here is a good one about all the great baseball players who played for Kansas City teams. Since it includes minor league clubs, quite a few became famous playing in New York. And the reason we have the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City is that the Monarchs were world class. They were the Yankees of the Negro Leagues.

Here is an even better one, about a copy editor Joe used to work with

I've blog rolled Joe, even if he doesn't really have a blog. But he sure can write.