Monday, July 14, 2003

Folks On Technorati Were Linking This Stuff

Kevin at Wizbang developed a wonderful way to see your Inbound links from sites tracked by Technorati. I added it as noted below.

The reason I showed no links was that the code didn't work with Blogger. (I bet I was the first tester using Blogger.) Kevin Aylward had an update on his site, (I was missing the blog URL), but then it found too many links! It kept giving the links to my archive file instead of the links to the specific post. I discovered that Technorati needed the '#' to be URL encoded as '%23', but everything I tried in my template kept changing the '%23' back to '#' before it got to Technorati. Finally I tried using JavaScript to split the '%23' in two pieces. Next I did some generalizing (by adding <$BlogURL$> instead of, so it will work with any Blogger blog), then Kevin added further refinements till we had this:

I also added one for my whole blog in the sidebar like this:

Try it. It is pretty cool to see who is linking to each post this way.