Thursday, July 10, 2003

Homes Are Bustin' Out All Over

First the du Toit's get a new house. Then the Mrs. starts putting up Gratuitous Domestic Pics. Now Rachel Lucas is worried that her new house will bore us. Don't worry Rachel. James Lileks can write about wood chips and make me think about life. Connie du Toit can write about the AGA Cooker and make me think, "What a cool piece of technology!". Steven Den Beste could write about paint drying and his explanation of plasticizers would make me think, "So that's how it works!" (I'd suggest it to him, but he has enough to write about.) So write about your new house, Rachel. At the very least I'll think, "Good for you Rachel! Congratulations!" (But I bet I'll really enjoy the writing too.) Congratulations to the du Toit's as well!