Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Aquaman Sent To Deal With Protests

The Brain Stem, Wince's Brain (WBNN)

In an attempt to quell the neural protests against the Great Blog War of 2003, Wince has commissioned Aquaman and equipped him with soap in an effort to subdue the protesters. Chants of "Hey, hey, no, no, Wince and Frank have got to go!" echo around Wince's spinal column, and signs reading "We Love Gibbons!", "Je T'aime Francais" and the ever popular "No Blog for Links." One lone protester carried a sign reading "Save the Puppies! Whales!"

"I'm even more embarrassed", said Wince, "I took five years of high school French, and now it comes back to haunt me. I just wanted to be different from all the kids taking Spanish. Besides in fifth year I was the only guy, so if I kept my mouth shut and my head down, I got to hear what girls really talk about. How was I to know France's disgusting tendency towards real politik would lead them to back stab the US in the Security Council?" When asked about the gibbons, he replied, "Hey, I learned how to imitate a gibbon when I was six. I thought it was cool. Is it my fault Frank hates monkeys? I just hope Aquaman and the soap takes care of this. Everyone knows hippies hate soap."