Saturday, August 16, 2003

News Flash: Vocal Protests Begin Against The Declaration Of War

The Brain Stem, Wince's Brain (WBNN)

In spite of the overwhelming support of Wince's Declaration of War against The Enemy a large group of hippy neurons gathered near Wince's Brain Stem in vocal protest, waving signs proclaiming "No Blog For Links!" and "Frank J = Hitler". One hippy neuron accidentally showed up with a "Save The Puppies!" sign. In a shocking display of pacifism the remainder of the hippy neurons descended upon him, shouting and beating him with their signs until he realized his mistake. He soon rejoined the protest with a slightly altered sign reading "Save the Puppies! Whales!"

Asked for his reaction, Wince said, "I'm so embarrassed. This tiny group of neurons remains from my childhood in the sixties and my former devotion to liberal causes." Wince's Mom commented as well, saying, "He should have stuck with the liberal causes. He used to be such a nice boy."