Thursday, August 21, 2003

Best Friend and Prehensile Form Second Joint Venture

Knoxville, Tennessee (WBNN)

Best Friend Products, of Knoxville, and Prehensile Products of Melbourne, Florida, have formed their second joint venture. "Our cooperation on the sales side was so fruitful", reported Jennifer, a spokesperson for Best Friend, "We just had to work together on the supply side." The new venture is side by side farms, Aboreal Acres, which raises monkeys, and Puppy Plantation, which raises young canines. They share a common labor force, utilizing the sort of progressive hiring practices for which BFP was once noted. "We're hiring hobos again," chirped Jennifer, "but we're not allowing them to have Wagglty Tail this time. I'm not sure why, since it seemed to help them rejoin society and stop disappearing. It's such a great product! Look how healthy I am! I guess we'll just have to deal with the turnover."