Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Grey Goose Goes Tail Wagging

Knoxville, Tennessee (WBNN)

Best Friend Products, whose Wagglty Tail energy drink is taking the nation by storm, has completed a takeover of the makers of Grey Goose Vodka. "Looks like the Goose is cooked," said a BFP company spokesman, "Starting next week we'll begin converting all production lines over to making Wagglty Tail. Our joint effort with Prehensile is going so well we needed the extra capacity. Back when I was a hobo I might have lamented Grey Goose's passing if I could have afforded it, but frankly I don't think anyone needs the stuff anymore. Look what Wagglty Tail did for me! I'm working productively and I'm back with my family. Before I don't think anyone would have missed me if I disappeared!"