Saturday, August 09, 2003

This Is Your Brain In Self-Defense

Annika uses her best weapon, her brain, to defend herself. Excerpt:
But then i noticed that the Mustang was going a bit too slowly, almost like the driver was waiting to see whether i would continue straight or make a turn at that intersection, where i was now stopped. In fact, it was driving way too slowly to be doing anything else. i felt a sudden adrenaline rush of fear.

Orange light!

i waited a second more, then i made a quick left turn and drove up a half a block. This neighborhood is entirely residential and where i had turned there were no streetlights and it was very dark. i decided to make a u-turn and then head south to Ventura Boulevard, which was a major street about a half mile away.

Sure enough, when i crossed over the intersection where the Mustang had lingered, i noticed that the driver had also made a u-turn and was coming back my way. i was safe however, since i was now headed toward Ventura Boulevard, where there were usually lots of cars including LAPD, even late at night. The Mustang did not follow me.

After i hit Ventura i doubled back and made it home by an alternate route. But my Threat Warning System worked again, thankfully. By paying attention to my yellow light, i prevented the red light from becoming lit.
Some of her readers noticed the similarity between her system and Jeff Cooper's.