Saturday, August 16, 2003

A Declaration Of War

I, Wince and Nod, in solidarity with Frank J of Most Noble IMAO, the fine humorist who links to lesser bloggers, even when they lose his silly contests, declare war against The Enemy, he who sips blended puppy, who kills hobos, who is a communist who dances the robot dance, who punched Frank J and hits like a girl, who sits on his dark throne bestowing Enemy-lanches on the favored few, ruling the blogosphere with an iron-will and a clenched fist! And I also declare war against his allies most foul, She Who Smells Like A Monkey, their Evil Wizard Kevin and assorted other minions.

Read Annika's stirring Call To Arms! Join The Alliance!

As such, there have been some changes to my blogroll. In addition, I have begun a project to enclose Frank in a fortess of links, so that every one of his posts, no matter how undeserving is linked to, and so that his link count may surpass even that of the enemy. See IMAO: In My World - A Complete Review below.